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Irina, hello. A little over a year has passed since I played Leela for the first time. And almost a year since I became the host of this game. Thanks! Leela turned my life around and gave me myself back. From the first game (with another host), I started to change, although I took only a few steps. Then I wanted every person to be able to start changing their lives after meeting with Leela. I was surprised to find that I want to become a host. And just magic, how quickly I got on the course of the hosts! At the game with myself and at the school of hosts, I found answers to my questions, which were in me all my life and were not even realized. I let go of a lot during the game! Thanks to one of your words, I ended a relationship that was painful for me. I felt incredible relief. Like a backpack with stones thrown away. Many of your words during the game and learning became either answers to questions, or helped open my eyes to myself, to others. Thank you very much! For simple communication and with such unconditional love and faith! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for your warmth and the light that you emit! I always remember you with joy and delight!

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