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  • Request can relate to any area of life;
  • be both material and spiritual;
  • may sound quite specific or, on the contrary, globally - at the level of values, mission.

For example,

  • “I want to get married and create a happy family”;
  • “What do I need to do to achieve financial independence?”;
  • “How can I find a balance between work and personal life?”;
  • “What is my mission?”;
  • “My soul, what do you want to tell me today?”


Inspiration for the game is not only about deliberately formulating a request, but also interacting with the field before starting the game. Take a close look at the playing field from a short distance and feel contact with it. Identify three squares that you found the most interesting or the most different. Remember them. They will inspire you.


The first move is determined by the highest number on the dice. The player who rolled the number 6 comes into play. Everything that happens during the game is about you. This is yours. The squares you find yourself on are your inner state. Even if your request is related to other people, everything that you see on the field is your reflection.


Try to look honestly and sincerely at the inner states in which you find yourself, and accept them as part of yourself. LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE is about the harmony of material and spiritual in a person.

Personality, its Ego is everything that it "absorbed", learned about itself and the world around it. It is a collection of feelings, beliefs and relationships with other people. If you strive for spiritual development, but at the same time do not accept your own body, deny your instincts, suppress true emotions and desires, it is difficult for you to perceive your earthly partners and the reality around you. And you "run away" into spirituality. You avoid real spiritual development, which manifests itself in your worldly life and in everyday situations - in a conversation with your husband, in relationships with colleagues, in communication with a child, in your thoughts, words and actions.


LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE has helped to understand yourself and your own life in a new way. Now there is every chance and opportunity to achieve your goal in reality.

Formulate your
What questions do you
have for yourself and
for life? Which one
is the most
important now?
Formulate and
write down.
Get in the mood
for the game
This playing field is a
complete reflection
of your life. Are you
ready to be honest with
yourself? Find this
Play Move around the playing
field by throwing a dice.
You will be surprised
how accurately the game
answers your questions.
Transform your
Become aware
of your inner states
and their manifestations.
Make sure that your
knowledge of yourself
no longer dominates you.
Finish the game Come out refreshed
into real life. Watch
how much has changed
for you in it.
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