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January 17,18,19 (3 days, from 9:30 to 13:30 Kiev time)

The ancient game of self-knowledge Leela has more than two thousand years of history and reveals the deep essence of the game that we call life. It helps you to look at yourself in a new way, see the resources and obstacles on the way to the desired goal, fulfill desires and change your own life through conscious work on yourself.

Learning the game Leela in the online format involves homework between the modules and the obligatory independent study of methodological material.


Today, many people are in search of their destiny, trying to find a cause for their souls and, having discovered their own potential, help others.

All this can be learned and the acquired knowledge can be transmitted to the world. There are enough offers on the market – a variety of trainings, coaching, schools of spiritual and personal growth.

Someone is looking for their purpose and a way of self-realization, someone is looking for an opportunity to help people, and someone is looking for a source of income. All this is more than possible. But in order to interact with the game Leela, you need not just “learn to be the host.” It is important to be a master yourself.

The master is inside, not outside. They are always in search, in the process of self-knowledge, comprehension of the laws of the universe. They live Leela over and over again, developing, improving. With each game, with each participant, with each group, they deeper and deeper experiences the meaning of the game called Life.

Who needs this training?

For those who want to buy the game Leela and play it on their own;

who wants to organize informal games with friends and family;

who aspires to become a certified host of the game Leela, to conduct group and individual games (including on a commercial basis).

Can we provide training?

Yes we can.

LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE is the author’s version of the ancient game, which is officially registered and patented as a board game. The same applies to the methodology of its implementation.

Learn more about the history and origin of the game

More about this version of the game

Who can become the host of the game Leela

1. The presence of desire and sufficient funds is not yet a basis for training.

Education in psychology and other related sciences, experience in coaching, coaching, therapy, counseling are definitely a plus. At the same time, in Leela knowledge and experience can not so much help as hinder like extra baggage, ballast that closes the channel to true knowledge, to the Higher Self.

2. Everyone who wishes to undergo such training must first visit LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE as a participant (online or offline) with a certified host of this version of the game. Leela needs to be lived and be tuned in to it.

3. It is important to decide: “Why do I need this?”

  • Save the world? Become a guru? It’s not about Leela.
  • I know how. I will help you. I want to give advice and valuable instructions to my surrounding, to impose my own ideas on others as the only correct ones is great, but not in Leela.
  • Source of income? Self-realization? Perhaps. But only through true service to People.

Leela is an instrument of self-knowledge and connection with one’s higher aspects. In Leela the participant themself looks for unique ways of working with personal resources and limitations, and the game mechanics and the host only helps them in this.

The key factor in Leela is the host’s inner state, their sincerity, environmental friendliness and contact with the group, which come exclusively with experience.

The course leader is — Irina Zhuravel, the author of the original version of the game, the founder of the LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE, a psychotherapist, an energy therapist, a pediatrician, a transformational coach, the host of deep author’s intensives, meditative and energy practices and the organizer of the International Festival of Personality Development” TOUCH fest “.


The training course includes:

  • concept and theoretical basis of the game;
  • the methodology for its implementation;
  • tasks of the host;
  • group field, group inspiration;
  • work with customer requests;
  • work with inner states;
  • completion of processes, results of the game;
  • work after the game;
  • practical work.

After successful completion of the training, participants can receive a host’s certificate LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE and at the same time personal responsibility for the environmentally friendly conduct of games (respect for the Host’s Code).

Graduates of the curriculum will be able to conduct Leela, recruit their own groups in the cities of Ukraine and abroad.

! Please note: we do not provide training for owners of other versions of Leela.


Having declared your desire to learn and having talked with the host (having answered each other all questions), you start preparing for the educational process.

Stage 1

  • You pay for the set of the game LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE (tabletop or large, floor format + delivery). ! Please note: we do not train owners of other versions of the game. This patented technique applies only to the set of the game LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE.
  • We send you the game (within Ukraine – by the NOVAYA POCHTA company, outside Ukraine – by Ukrposhta (the most loyal prices) or any courier company at your discretion). Delivery abroad is anywhere in the world (within 7-14 days, cost $ 33).
  • After reading the instructions, you play Leela tête-à-tête (alone with yourself).

Stage 2

  • You register and pay for participation in the game with a certified host of the school LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE (online or offline). You choose the presenter, the date, the time of the game at your discretion (ask – we will help).
  • The cost of participation in a group game with one of the leaders of the school is from $ 40, with Irina – $ 80.
  • The cost of an individual game with one of the leading schools is from $ 80, with Irina – € 200.

Stage 3

You register, pay the full tuition fee and immerse yourself in the process:

  • you receive teaching materials and study them on your own;
  • you take 3 online sessions with the host;
  • do your homework;
  • ask all your questions;
  • take a practical supervision game;
  • get feedback;
  • start independent practical work with the game.

Features of online learning

For training, you must have:

  • sufficiently high speed of the Internet on your computer;
  • working microphone and camera (built-in or external devices);
  • Skype;
  • playing field LEELA. THE GAME OF LIFE, a dice, cards describing inner states.


Training involves homework between modules and mandatory independent study of methodological material.


Training takes place 3 days online.

Nearest group: p class=”bold”>January 17,18,19 (3 days, from 9:30 to 13:30 Kiev time)

The cost of training is $ 500.

❗ The cost of the set is paid additionally: $85 (+ shipping).

Delivery of the game (within Ukraine or abroad) is not included in this cost and is paid by the participant additionally.

Registration for training is carried out on a prepayment basis (100%).

The number of participants is limited!

❗ ❗ Please pay attention: we do not conduct training for owners of other versions of the Leela game (for more details, see the sections about the game, its history and origin).

More details about the game bundle: https://leela.life/buy/

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