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Irina, when I played with you for the first time, I immediately realized that this field was special. It heals. Everything is already happening from one glance and touch! It is alive and unusual. Thanks for the way you see and feel!!! Leela. The Game of Life is a great gift to the world !!!
Ira, you are the Cosmos))) I moved to Thailand after the game and the individual session with you))
Thanks everyone for playing. An incredible energy emanated from the playing field even before the start of the game. For me, the game was self-knowledge and a set of questions and answers. Awareness of some moments of life came, previously important issues became irrelevant. And most importantly ... I saw that I was on the right path, what else I needed to heal in myself and through what states I would come to my goal.
The game Leela is about the truth. It is a frank conversation with yourself, it is the key to understanding your life strategies, the definition of real desires, the opportunity to realize one's Higher Self. Leela is a life without games! Ira, thank you for your amazing experience, invaluable knowledge and service! Thanks!
Ira, thanks for playing! For your deep knowledge! The game drew out some deep and very hidden emotions. Finding your real self is the main goal. In the existing world, with attitudes from the Soviet past, many have lost themselves .... You need to be! Next time I take not only water, but also napkins :))))
Yesterday, together with my friend, I visited the game Leela, which is led by the wonderful Irina Zhuravel. I was very impressed! In general, I am not an ardent supporter of any mystical and esoteric teachings (practices). Naturally, I design the space, but without outside help. However, I tell you, Leela is a worthy thing! The main thing is to come with the right mood and a clear request. Then very deeply hidden answers arise, a clear and broad vision of the situation appears. And Ira has such a warm, light, fluid energy that you instantly plunge into a calm and gracious state! I definitely recommend it!
For me, Leela is much more than a game. This is a meeting with yourself, with your resources and doubts, fears, the opportunity to live and integrate them at a new level, and a new vision, awareness of yourself through reflection in the game, and access to your resource states, and much more. Ira, I have already written and told you more than once, but I will not tire of repeating it. You are a master for me, a kind, bright person and a charming woman! I am grateful that I got to know the game precisely through you, and precisely with your author's version of the game. Looking forward to meeting you again!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful atmosphere of joy and lightness! Awareness came during the game, and after it, it began to expand even more. Leela showed me my way, I really lived every move and stage of my development, which pushes me forward and develops. And the most interesting thing is management by way of awareness !!! I saw the past and the present - here and now, what is happening at this stage of my development, and the request that brought me into cosmic consciousness, or rather the state that I felt, this is my life. Irina is a breath of fresh air, a feeling of fullness and lightness. Thanks for this!
Thanks a lot for playing. This is truly a game of self-discovery. In our everyday hustle and bustle, we devote so little time to this. I liked that she develops and helps to look at yourself from a different point of view, which makes it possible to understand many life situations. Self-identify yourself!!!!! :) :) :) I think I will repeat it more than once.
Ira, thank you so much! I am happy that the Universe faced me with you and the game Leela. I have underwent such a transformation, I just cannot convey my feelings. Only 3 days have passed, and I see changes in myself and in my life. I’ve got better. Your sparkling statement “stop drowning yourself” very often pops up in my head and helps to move forward. I also want to say that you breathe warmth and peace, you are a very nice person! Thank you so much again!
Hi Irina, we got the game yesterday. I absolutely love it! I really like the selection of paintings! Most of the paintings, in my opinion, are just an exact combination of drawing and meaning (while I was waiting for the game, I read about the meaning of the fields, so that I could learn a little how to play with the children later). While playing with children, I will replace pictures with nude figures for now, probably until they grow up, and for adults - an excellent selection. Thank you so much for your hard work and for creating such a wonderful game! When I was looking for which game to buy, I could not decide the big game Leela or yours. I am very glad that I ordered from you! It is convenient to take it with you on vacation, I will definitely take it and we will play with my children and nephews. We have already tried to play with our youngest (7 years old) son, he really likes snakes, says that they are beautiful :) Special thanks for the translation into English and German, now my husband can play with us. With respect and gratitude.
After the School of Presenters Leela. The Game of Life I host Leela in Germany and online all over the world. Ira, thank you for what you are doing and how you do it :) Clients are happy, and my perfectionism has become much less, now I understand what kind of flow you were talking about :))))))))))
Everything is done with such love! It’s nice to play, nice to watch and touch. Thank you for your work, it's wonderful!
It was delivered to Moscow in 11 days. Thank you, packed well, everything is safe and sound. The game is beautiful and colorful. Special thanks for the cards, we are delighted with them!
When I was looking for a new Leela (the cardboard game fell into disrepair after several moves), I remembered the field that I saw at the Fairytale City festival. And I was looking for it. Thank you, amazingly done, and my clients really like the interpretations. It turns out Leela in a coaching format!

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