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Acquaintance with Leela is a very interesting new stage in my life. I learned about the game at the festival, having attended training with Ira Zhuravel. Ira, having met you, I realized that I had met my soul mate, although we had not known each other before. And the game Leela just fascinated me. It immediately became clear that I really wanted to play it and that Leela and I were developing our own amazing and close relationship. Moreover, over time it turned out that Leela was calling me and inviting me in every possible way to become its host, and even in very unusual ways, really, really. So I came to the courses of the hosts of Leela. It was very interesting, informative, responsible, exciting, serious and fun. Sometimes it is difficult (because it is very responsible), but overall Excellent. The training showed all my fears and illusions. But it gave a lot, helped to better understand my mission. For all this I am grateful to Ira, the participants of the training and the GAME. I want to give people the joy of learning and help them find their way to their present. Ira, thank you for your light, kindness, love, faith in each of us! With Leela I discovered a new world for myself, inspiration, the feeling that I had moved to a different level of development. Now I want to share this with others (I’ll start today).

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